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Expert Excel VBA Help

  1. Macros (VBA - Visual Basic for Applications), it is the code that automates your work in Excel and Access.
  2. Macros 1) Save you Time, 2) Save you Money, 3) Eliminate Costly and Embarrassing Human Error.
  3. Macros allow you to get the most out of Excel and Access. Macros automate your business.

Excel VBA Help (Macros)

Click this Button to go to the Expert Access Programmer Info WebPageWhat are Macros? What is Excel VBA? The mere name confuses most clients. They are the same thing. VBA stands for 'Visual Basic for Applications'. Some people refer to VBA as a Macro. Okay, so in simple terms what does that mean? VBA is the code that is behind the scenes in Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, Visio, PowerPoint, etc. Excel VBA allows you to automate your work. VBA allows you to reduce mundane and routine work, and it eliminates human error. We are experts at providing Excel VBA Help. Here are a few examples of what VBA can do. Want to export data from Excel into PowerPoint with the click of the mouse, use a Macro. Want to click a button and watch Excel consolidate data from multiple Excel workbooks, into a single master workbook, and possibly even have it remove duplicates in your data while it does so, us a macro. The macro can do this task in seconds. Literally, seconds, and there is no chance for human error. This saves you money and embarrassment. When do you usually spot errors? During crunch time, during presentations, at 5pm on Friday? You can eliminate this, just use a macro. Still not sure if this is for you? Call me and I will explain it, and I will answer all of your questions. I can even show you live demos.

Macros (VBA) can transform Excel from a stagnant application and transform it into a power fully dynamic application. Macros can do in seconds or minutes what a human can do in hours or days. In a nutshell, Macros save you time, macros save you a money, and Macros eliminate costly and avoidable user error. At Excel and Access LLC we are expert Macro programmers. We can program custom Macros for you in Excel and Access. We can save you hours or even days.

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Don't think you can use Excel Macros? Think again. Chances are you could shave numerous hours off of your weekly work schedule by using Macros. Still not sure if they will help you or if you need them? No worry, just call or e-mail me and I will look at your file, and discuss your Excel VBA Help needs with you, after that we can pretty quickly determine if you will benefit from the use of Macros, and we can provide a free estimate before you commit to spend a single penny.

My name is Christopher. Please phone (Toll-Free): 877-392-3539, or E-Mail:


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